Registration and Login

Users (parents or students) should be able to register initially using their email id Field list as follows, Name, Guardian’s Name, Class and section, email id, phone no. student id or registration no. Once registered the school admin can approve the registered user via the CMS and then he can login to the app.

About US

A brief introduction about the school.(An Html content managed from the CMS)

Push Notifications

List all notifications/alerts sent from the school.

Offered Courses/Classes

A CMS manageable list item with a Title when clicked will takes to a detail page


Exam schedules and results. The titles will be listed in the schedules page and when clicked on each item it will take to a detail page which will be a HTML content managed from the CMS

School News

Should be able add school news incrementally, the content will be a text with an image. Should also facilitate to pull news items from an RSS feeds. Ability to share all articles/posts to all social media, and other applications

School Events

List of all school events chronologically with title, description date and time. Should be a list and a detailed view. Users should be able to add these events to their phone calendar. Also users should be able to share the events details to the social media. These events should be manageable from the CMS.

Report an Issue

User should be able to report an issue from a form. The details of the form are as follows, Title, Narration of the issue and an optional photo upload.

School Holidays Calendar

Chronologically list the holidays of the school. This list needs to be managed from the CMS

Meals Calendar

List weekly menu of the school canteen. This will be managed from the CMS

School supply list

List the supply list of school store such as books, stationary, uniform etc.

Social media links

Social media links (Facebook, Twitter ,LinkedIn ,YouTube)

School Location

Locate the school with the help of google map and plotting the location of the school. Below display the address of the school

School staff directory

List the profiles of the teachers by category/grades. Managed from the CMS

School facilities

A summary of the various facilities offered in the school. It will be HTML content managed from the CMS

School Library

A summary of the school library

Absence reporting

Parents/students can submit a leave request and the leave request will be sent the responsible teacher for the class. In the CMS each class will be assigned and teacher and the leave request will be sent as an email to the registered email id of the class teacher of a student.

Student Tracking

Each student will have RFID based GPS tracking badge or card. The location of the student will be plotted on google map within the app.

School Bus Finder

School bus finder is an intuitive and cool feature which help the parents to know the location and timing of school buses every morning and evening. This great feature saves time by reducing the waiting period for parents and kids. Especially when the weather conditions adverse kids and parents can avoid waiting for their bus indefinitely. This features allows the parents to locate the bus and its current position and thus plan their trip to drop-off and pick-up points accordingly. The features are built using the collaboration of GPS feature and smart phone capabilities.

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